HS Photo Lessons

Photo 1

Photo 1 is an introductory digital photo class. An early lesson is the Exposure Triangle with smartphone modifications to the lesson plan for distance learners:

Light painting, using DSLR or slow shutter smartphone app – a hit with students!

Student work Photo Filters before and after: use of a reflector in natural light!

Photo 2

Photo 2 is an advanced photography class focusing on career and real-world applciations for digital photography. After expanding upon their knowledge of the DSLR basics such as exposure, focal length and composition with a Triptych, Photo 2 students create their own Advertising photoshoot as an “Agency” Team. Other projects include Street Photography, Forced Perspective, Portraits, photo editing techniques with free software such as pixlr.com, and more!

Some of the photo 2 topics include: