Middle School lessons

Paper Maché Lesson

The purpose of this lesson was to demonstrate paper maché techniques for students creating a sculpture. A video of this lesson is available upon request.

Plaster Lesson

This lesson followed the one on paper maché to provide further options for sculpture. Students participated in a hands-on demo. A video of this lesson is available upon request.

Slot Building Challenge

Objective: Using heavy paper and scissors, students have 15 minutes to create a freestanding tabletop sculpture.

Cardboard Construction Challenge

Objective: Students can work first individually, then in teams in a timed race to create freestanding cardboard sculptures. This lesson involved learning how to use hot glue guns, how to score and tab cardboard with scissors for stronger construction, and developed collaboration.

Materials List

This list allowed students to identify tools and materials around the classroom and develop artistic literacy. Students kept the list in their class folders.